Wetland Craft Producers

wetland craft producersThe production of crafts from wetland plants has great potential to support sustainable livelihoods and generate multiple benefits to society, and provide an excellent opportunity for dis-empowered people to use their existing skills to increase their level of empowerment and self-esteem.

The majority of people involved in traditional craftwork activities are impoverished rural and pre-urban women. Growth in the craft industry will provide improved socioeconomic benefits to these women and their households.

Our Aims

Collecting, documentation and dissemination of available traditional knowledge relevant to the Management practices of wetland plant species, Traditional dyeing and crafting systems before drying off.

To review wetland plant species used for crafts and re-examine potential community development options using wetland craft plants.

wetland craft productsExchange of International experience on the sustainable Management of wetland plant species and production of Wetland craft.

Identification of potential new markets for the products.

Development of guidelines for the Best Management practices for sustainable utilization of wetland plants / production techniques of marketable nature friendly craft and widely circulating among stake holder in Asia pacific region.