Nagenahiru Foundation – Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Nagenahiru Foundation is a community based non-profit organization and operating since 1991. The mission of the Foundation is to facilitate, assist and promote the improvement of the innate capacities and strength of the rural communities for the prosperity of the nation, while protecting, conserving and restoring the natural environment and biodiversity especially when these communities are living in sensitive ecological area's.

Nagenahiru operates its development programmes through economically viable, culturally feasible, socially just and ecologically sustainable development activities towards capacity building of disadvantaged rural communities to identify and address their own development needs.

In the last few years project objectives of Nagenahiru were more focused on the socio-economic and ecological topics such as Poverty, Food Security, Health, small business development, employment generation, ecological restoration and environmental education and to find a sustainable balance between the socio-economic and ecological issues of the region.

By the Light of a Solar Lamp...

Replacing the Use of Harmful Kerosene Lamps for Night Fishing - in Sri Lanka

Solar LED Sri Lanka
Kerosene Lamp for Night Fishing
Home Solar System
Installation of off-grid Solar System for Fisher Houses

The Nagenahiru strategy to address the issue of extensively emitting CO2 to the atmosphere during night fishing in Sri Lanka is the introduction of a mechanism that link poverty reduction with ongoing climate and energy patterns of the marginalized fisher communities.

The introduction of more efficient LED lamps as a low-cost, economically viable alternative to replace the fishermen's traditional kerosene lamps is having very high potential to fight poverty while simultaneously mitigating global warming and environmental degradation. Mitigating climate change, transforming the energy systems in rural areas. Read more...

Poverty Mitigation & Community Empowerment

poverty in Sri Lanka
Despite In Sri Lanka the social indicators such as life expectancy, literacy rate etc. nearly on par with those with developed nations , the continues growing of rural poverty is a serious problem for the national development of the country. Sri Lanka has been experiencing moderate growth in its Gross Domestic Product averaging (11.35) % per annum between 2020. Due to its relatively low GDP per capita currently Sri Lanka ranked in the bottom one third of the world. Read More...

Environmental Education

environmental education Sri Lanka
Nagenahiru Environmental Education programmes increase the public's awareness and knowledge about environmental issues, and provide them with the skills to take responsible actions to protect their own environmet.

Which facilitate
  • To set new sustainability standards for development
  • To educate and empower communities to lead green lifestyles
  • To conserve biodiversity and mitigate climate change.

Rehabilitation of Threaten Ecological Systems

mangrove ecological systems
All over the world Mangroves are under the condition of critically endangered and nearing extinction in most of the developing countries including Sri Lanka and long term survival of mangroves is at great risk due to fragmentation of the habitats and that the services offered by the mangroves may likely be totally lost within 100 years.

Presently Nagenahiru engage in protecting, conserving and rehabilitation of this critically endangered Mangrove Ecosystem in Sri Lanka...

Protecting & Conservation of Agro Biodiversity

agro biodiversity conservation
Sri Lanka is considered as a valuable repository of crop germplasm and agro-biodiversity. The country is having the treasure of hundreds of hundred vegetables and other crop species with high nutritional and medicinal values which were traditionally used in ancient times. These varieties show great adaptability to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions and pest and disease problems.

Most of these voluble species are presently neglected and under utilized and facing speedy disappearing...