Environmental Learning Center

enviroment learning center

Environmental Learning and Education
Striving For a Greener and Better Tomorrow!

The ecological balance of nature is very important to lead a healthy life. Presently natural resources throughout the world are depleting at a rapid rate due to the unawareness of the community on the values and importance of the environment and also due to people’s never-ending thirst for wealth.

Nagenahiru Environmental Learning Center

Environmental Learning Center is located at the eastern border of the Madampa Lake River Lagoon on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. This region is one of the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes in Sri Lanka with unique biodiversity with several endemic flora and fauna species including the rich mangrove ecosystem, valuable medicinal plants, several hundred species of nutritional vegetables, and other crop species which are traditionally grown in the area.


Nagenahiru Environmental Learning Center is to facilitate, create and promote environmental awareness, Knowledge & Appreciation through hands-on experience in a natural Outdoor classroom. It provides educational learning opportunities about the rich biodiversity of this lagoon system surrounded by thousands of acres of constructed wetlands with high biodiversity. The wetland features elevated boardwalks through Mangroves, featuring interpretive signs about the habitat, a perfect place for learning, exploring, getting away, and connecting.


The newly built Nature Center includes a lecture hall and dormitory accommodation facilities for 40 persons at any time, a gift shop, a brackish water aquarium, a plant resources center for neglected and underutilized vegetables and other crop species, a medicinal plant arboretum and an extensive exhibition room that highlights biological attributes.



Overall Aims of the Centre

Encourage, promote, and implement environmental learning, educational, training, and action programs to develop and strengthen the positive attitude toward protecting the rich biological diversity and values of different ecosystems. Sharing of experience, knowledge, and available resources as far as possible with other relevant organizations locally and globally.

Nagenahiru Environmental Learning Center is dedicated to conducting awareness and educational programs, outdoor recreational activities and eco Camping facilities to enhance the knowledge of this bio-diverse hot spot and conserve it for the benefit of future generations.

Recreational Activities include canoeing in the lake, learning to paddle, fishing with fishermen, eco-camping in a mangrove forest, up-stream the lake by traditional catamaran/boat through mangrove tunnels; enhancing awareness on wetland flora & fauna and planting mangrove plants with a mangrove restoration project.

Volunteer Opportunities

Promote volunteerism among the different sectors of the community through local & international volunteer placement programs. Development of sustainable linkages among interested individuals and institutions engaged in the conservation of threatened ecosystems throughout the world.

Awareness Creations and Environmental Education Programs are,

  1. Greeting & Guiding visitors to the Nagenahiru Environmental Learning Center
  2. Assisting the maintenance of the Nagenahiru Environmental Learning Center
  3. Creating taking photographs & creating attractive videos
  4. Facilitating the educational & environmental learning programs
  5. Supporting administrative activities of the center
  6. Explaining the diverse elements of the biodiversity garden
  7. Supporting office management
  8. Community Outreach
  9. Internship Opportunities
  • Conducting research at the Mangrove Field Laboratory
  • Learning about the behavior patterns of wild fauna
  • Research on traditional farming practices
  • Identification and behavior studies on avifauna at the lagoon system
  • This internship program is guided by a naturalist at the Nagenahiru Environmental Learning Center

Nagenahiru Volunteers operates with strong partnerships with several well-recognized global
organizations in many countries.

  • Nagenahiru Environmental Learning Center focuses on environmental sustainability while connecting volunteers to various volunteering opportunities at diverse components as well as to volunteering with rural communities in the Island Nation of Sri Lanka.
  • Nagenahiru in Sri Lanka with a strong partnership with their global partners offers an opportunity to their volunteers to make a significant positive impact on the environment by sharing their skills, knowledge, and abilities to create a sustainable planet for future generations.
  • Benefits to the Volunteers…
    Nagenahiru Environmental Learning Center volunteer programs are designed to improve professional skills while focusing on building skills and developing the leadership abilities of their volunteers.
  • By participating in several activities during the volunteer period volunteers can develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required for their future careers in environmental sustainability and community development.