Teaching English to the Village Youth

Numerous children are in dire need of your assistance. Would you respond to this request?

The Importance of Teaching English in Sri Lanka



The “Nagenahiru Volunteers” project aims to empower various sectors of Sri Lankan society who eagerly await an opportunity to enhance their English language proficiency. International volunteers will shoulder the responsibility of improving the conversational English and reading skills of students attending government schools in rural areas, preschool children living in rural areas, young Buddhist monks, the village youth, and young women seeking employment in the Middle East.

Sri Lankan youth with strong conversational English skills will have excellent job prospects due to the growth of tourism, globalization, and the development of international trade and commerce worldwide.

By volunteering to teach English in Sri Lanka, you will positively impact the lives of educated youth in rural villages, including young graduates from Sri Lankan state universities and higher education institutions seeking better employment opportunities in the government or private sector.

English has become a compulsory subject in the syllabi of all schools and university curricula in Sri Lanka due to the country’s more than four centuries of British rule. As a result, all schools in the country have well-developed English language curricula and teachers.

However, due to the lack of exposure and opportunities for communication in English, conversational skills among Sri Lankan youth, particularly those from low-income families living in remote villages, are inadequate. This situation impedes educated young people from Sri Lankan villages from securing suitable employment relevant to their higher educational qualifications. As a volunteer, your primary responsibility is to enhance the conversational skills of young people in Sri Lanka and help them have a bright future.