About Us

Nagenahiru Foundation – Sri Lanka is a Community-Based Non-profit organization operating since 1991.

During the past three decades, Nagenahiru mainly implemented several projects to find solutions that address the biggest threats to Nature and Climate today – Loss of Nature and Climate Crisis.

In finding solutions to the above threats as a Policy, Nagenahiru developed strong partnerships and collaborated with Rural Communities and Indigenous groups living mainly in underserved villages and isolated areas in the Island Nation of Sri Lanka.

Focus Areas of Nagenahiru:

  1. Community-based Conservation of Biological Diversity including Agro Biodiversity.
  2. Developing a positive attitude and improving knowledge on protecting and conservation of threaten wild animals among communities living in jungle areas.
  3. Conducting well-grounded strong Educational and Community awareness workshops to facilitate the conservation of nature and reduce climate crisis.
  4. Most of the Nagenahiru activities are operating in rural villages in Sri Lanka where fastly vanishing centuries-old traditional and indigenous knowledge and practices are still used by communities in some areas.
  5. Conducting Training, Demonstration, and community promoting households indolent in protecting soil health, and conserving agricultural biodiversity through promoting Regenerative Agro Forestry Home Garden campaign in selected villages.
  6. Develop and strengthen a strong community-based Network in facilitating environmental conservation in diverse fields.



We facilitate community-based protection and manage our limited natural resources effectively and efficiently to deliver value to society and nature. We are always way forward in continuing our all conservation and development services towards excellence through further learning and development.



We always develop community networks and facilitate community leadership in facilitating our activities. We make a difference by working with others to build trust, networks, and partnerships to deliver effective outcomes.

We are always developing and collaborating with International organizations working in the field of Conservation and Climate protection facilitating the sharing of successful experiences with international organizations.



We always try our best to create innovative, adaptive, and open to new and flexible ways of working. We design and deliver services to address the issues and urgent requirements of society and nature.