About Us

The Sri Lankan Nagenahiru Foundation is a community based non-profit, non governmental organization registered in Sri Lanka under the social services Act No; 31 of 1998 and operating since 1991 that focuses on environmental conservation, community development and capacity building of the communities living in sensitive environmental locations.

Mission of the Foundation

Conserve, protect and Restore the natural environment and all kinds of biological resources in order to safe guard its ecological functions and values through a strong educational , awareness and action programme for the continuing benefits of the local people especially when these communities are living in sensitive ecological areas.

We are working towards to create a society who are able to manage and conserve their natural heritage and consciously work for continued improvement of their environment for the benefit and appreciation of all people in Sri Lanka.
Nagenahiru working towards for effectively protecting, managing and conserving natural heritage and rich biological diversity for the benefit and appreciation of all people in Sri Lanka

Nagenahiru programmes are guided by the values of volunteerism, love for environmental conservation, pro-action for self-betterment, accountability, transparency, and empowerment.

Nagenahiru works to realise its vision and mission through programs geared towards protecting, conserving and rehabilitation of threaten ecological systems, flora and fauna species, civic & environmental education, protecting and conserving agro biodiversity and food security, capacity building of under privilege communities.

Nagenahiru also operates its Nagenahiru Center for Environmental Education , fully equipped center to conduct awareness and educational workshops to enhances the knowledge and skills need to facilitate the conservation of nature and this center is operates as the focal point of all programmes of Nagenahiru.

Geographically, the activities of the NF are based mainly in the south west coast of Sri Lanka.

Nagenahiru implemented its activities in five major focal areas and core programs of Nagenahiru include:

  • Protection and rehabilitation of threaten ecological systems.
  • Civic & Environmental Education
  • Advocacy & community capacity building
  • Food security and Conservation of under utilized crop species and Threaten medicinal plants.
  • Socio Economic upgrading of under privilege communities and poverty mitigation.

Nagenahiru Foundation was established by Lal Emmanuel, a social and environmental activist with the support of few other enthusiastic individuals.

For the work, of Lal Emmanuel and Nagenahiru Foundation of nearly two-decades have received numerous awards. Some of these include;

  • One World award for Sustainable Development – 2008
  • Seeds award for renewable energy 2008
  • National Environmental Education Award – Sri Lanka – 2009
  • Eco Water award – 2012