Our Vision:

Our Vision:

Effectively protecting, managing and conserving natural heritage and rich biological diversity for the benefit and appreciation of all people in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision in Action

How we work:

scological systems conservationNagenahiru works for the protection; rehabilitation and conservation of severely threaten Ecological Systems specially in Coastal wetlands in a collaborative manner with local communities, civil societies and relevant government agencies in many different cultures to ensure that projects are implemented according to local traditions, customs and manners. This approach gives our projects a grass-roots outlook with a larger support and knowledge network. Our collaborative approach leverages resources to ensure that the maximum benefit to the local people in particular locations.

We envision a world with abundant biological diversity and natural places, which produces ample clean water, fresh air and natural resources that support all life.

Nagenahiru also believe that rich ecological systems in the world are an essential core element of a healthy modern human society.

Community Based Approach…

Our projects have a grass-roots approach, but are supported by experienced and knowledgeable experts and global-networks.

We are working with grass root communities, utilizing their traditional and indigenous knowledge available as far as possible our programmes are effective facilitated by leaders and key decision makers.

Nagenahiru protect and interconnect communities living in sensitive ecological systems with land, water and natural resources because Rich Ecological Systems provide essential social, spiritual, biological and economic benefits – Nature Needs.

Nagenahiru role is unique focused on people and people’s interactions with Nature inspiring and activating nature conservation through building an active relationship between people and Nature around the world