Teaching English at Pre-schools

Teaching English at pre-schools in traditional villages in Sri Lanka.


As a volunteer English teacher in Sri Lankan Pre-Schools, you will have the opportunity to impact the lives of disadvantaged children in traditional villages significantly. You will catalyze their personal and educational growth, providing them with essential life skills and improving their chances for a better future.

You will need a positive and proactive attitude towards the program and a willingness to help to succeed in this role. You will be responsible for teaching English and other subjects and playing a vital role in each child’s personal development. Your work as a teaching volunteer will be essential to building confidence and helping young people reach their full potential.

Your experience in Sri Lanka will also offer you a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience, improve your teaching skills, and work in a different environment. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity for new teachers or career breakers to see the world with fresh eyes, to meet like-minded people, and to impact positively on the lives of others.

Please note that the villages you will work in are far from developed cities and need more quality education. In addition, the children in these villages are from economically disadvantaged families and cannot access native English-speaking teachers. As a volunteer English teacher, your work from 2-12 weeks will contribute to an ongoing project to build better lives for these children and open new opportunities for them.

We work with local communities and village pre-schools to create better, more accessible learning for kids of all ages. Your role as a volunteer English teacher will be instrumental in achieving this goal. While the work can be challenging at times, the experience of teaching and living in a traditional Sri Lankan village will be rewarding and life-changing.

As a volunteer English teacher, you will be part of a team committed to positively impacting the lives of less privileged children in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, gain valuable work experience, and make lifelong memories while helping to improve the lives of others.